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Like most of New Jersey, Morris County seems to be under construction all the time. Worksites are everywhere, and construction vehicles clog the roads. While all this activity may be good for the economy, it also brings with it the risk of accidents and injuries to workers and passersby. Construction workers are among those most vulnerable to on-the-job accidents in Morris County, New Jersey. If you are a construction worker who was injured on the job in Florham Park, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Mount Olive, or somewhere else in Morris County, New Jersey, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney about your legal rights and options.

Construction Accident Attorneys Help Injured New Jersey Workers Get Compensation

At the Florham Park, New Jersey, law firm of McHugh & Imbornone, P.A. Law Office, our construction accident lawyers understand the issues involved in on-the-job worksite accidents. We have represented numerous electricians, heavy equipment operators, laborers, masons, carpenters, painters and other construction professionals in claims for compensation after on-the-job injuries.

Legal Issues In Jersey City Construction Accident Cases

Construction injury cases can be complex. For example, injured workers cannot sue their employers – because the law makes workers’ compensation the only remedy available to New Jersey employees. However, employees injured because of the negligence of third parties, such as subcontractors and their employees, do have the right to seek compensation from that negligent party. So, if that subcontractor failed to maintain the worksite in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, the injured worker may have a cause for action. Another common scenario in construction accidents involves employees who are injured in an accident while driving for their employers. For example, a heavy equipment operator may be involved in an accident caused by another driver. Or an employee could be driving a company truck to obtain supplies and tools and may be hurt in a motor vehicle accident caused by a third party. In such cases, injured workers may be eligible to file a third-party claim for compensation from the responsible third party.

We Represent Clients In All Construction Trades After On-The-Job Accidents

Our personal injury attorneys represent construction workers suffering from:

  • Broken limbs
  • Head and brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Electrical shocks and burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances

Such injuries can be life-changing, making it impossible for the injured employee to return to work for weeks or even years. Some people may never be able to work again after severe injuries. In the worst cases, a construction accident can prove fatal. It is important that anyone injured in a construction accident receives all the compensation they are due. In the case of a construction accident fatality, the family members of the victim must get justice for their loss.

Learn More About Your Rights – Free Case Evaluation From An Attorney

If you were injured while working at a construction site in Linden, Newark, Edison or anywhere else in New Jersey, you should speak with a qualified personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney immediately. Right now, you need to learn more about your options and find out if you are eligible for monetary compensation. Talk with the experienced lawyers at McHugh & Imbornone, P.A. Law Office, in Florham Park, New Jersey. You can call us day or night at 973-315-8502, or you can contact us via our online contact form.