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Representing Injured New Jersey Workers In Third-Party Claims

Not all workplace accidents are the employer’s fault. Reckless co-workers, faulty safety gear and other factors can cause an accident that lays you up for months. You can even end up permanently disabled because of some third party’s negligence.

If you were injured at work because of a party other than your employer, you may not qualify for workers’ compensation – but you may be able to recoup damages through a third-party claim. At McHugh & Imbornone, P.A. Law Office, we have helped people who have suffered on-the-job injuries recover compensation for more than 30 years. Contact us to learn about how we guide clients through the complexities of third-party claims related to workplace injury. We are located in Morris County, New Jersey, and represent workers throughout the state.

What Is A Third-Party Worker Claim?

Usually, you receive workers’ compensation to help make up for your lost wages and other expenses after a job-related injury or illness. But in some cases, your injury was caused by a third party, not your employer.

For example, construction workers often work with people who work for other contractors and subcontractors. If a construction worker carelessly allows another worker to get hurt, the two workers may not have the same employer. In another example, a safety guard on a saw may fail while you are using it because the manufacturer made a defective product.

In cases like this, a third-party claim may be the only way you can get compensation under New Jersey law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in personal injury and workers’ comp law. This lets us give you knowledgeable, honest advice and strong courtroom advocacy to help you resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Find Out If A Third-Party Claim Is The Right Move For You

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