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3 things drivers do that can be dangerously distracting

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most drivers spend a lot of their time distracted. Yet, if you asked them how they were driving, they would likely respond that they were a safe driver.

One of the biggest problems with distracted driving is that people don’t realize how dangerously distracting some of the things they do are. Here are a few examples of dangerous everyday practices many drivers engage in:

Eating and drinking

Just because the roadsides are full of food and drink to-go outlets and many cars have built-in drinks holders does not make eating and drinking at the wheel safe. In an emergency, you will not have time to put down a hot cup of coffee so you can brake hard or steer around a hazard. The extra seconds could mean the difference between a crash and a near miss.


Have you ever traveled on a notable scenic route? One that the local tourist office promotes as a beautiful drive full of sights to take in. Staring at mountains, coastline or similar means your attention is not on the road ahead.

Talking to passengers

Have you ever gotten out of a cab and thought the taxi driver was rude because they ignored your attempts to make conversation? Maybe they were not being rude but trying to keep you safe. Talking to others in your vehicle is normal but can also be highly distracting.

If someone injures you in a crash, it’s always worth considering whether they were distracted. Getting help to explore this could help you get the compensation you deserve.