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7 tips for taking pictures after an accident

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pictures serve as crucial evidence in car accident claims. While you don’t need to call a professional photographer to the scene or have a quality camera, your photos should be clear and detailed to benefit you.

Here are seven tips for taking pictures after an accident:

Capture the general view of the scene

You should get a general view of the accident from different angles with both vehicles and the surroundings. 

Get the positions of the vehicles

You need close pictures that detail the positions of both vehicles from different angles. These pictures can provide vital information regarding liability. That’s why it’s essential to take photos before moving your car to a safe area.

Take photos of traffic indicators  

Capturing traffic lights and road signs can also provide solid evidence. For example, if there is a yield sign that gives you the right of way, capture it, and so on.

Don’t forget the weather conditions

The at-fault driver may state the accident occurred due to bad weather. Thus, you should take photos of the weather conditions.

Capture the scene

Take photos of debris, skid marks and any other thing that shows an accident occurred on the spot. These pictures are also crucial evidence. For example, skid marks can tell a vehicle’s speed at the moment of the accident.

Take pictures of your injuries

Documenting your injuries can strengthen your claim. You should also take photos of any evidence on your clothes, such as blood or rips.

Capture vehicle and property damages

Ensure you take photos of the damages to your car, including broken windows, scratches deployed airbags and so on. You should also take pictures of other objects damaged by the accident, such as street signs and guardrails.

You should seek legal guidance when involved in an accident to understand the steps to take to receive just compensation.