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3 infant car seat safety tips for new parents

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Most parents rely on infant car seats to keep their newborns safe during travel. However, using them while in transit or outside the vehicle can also lead them to expose their kids to deadly risks unintentionally.

Researchers recommend specific protective measures for parents when using infant car seats without compromising the priceless joy of being on a trip with them.

How to drive around safely with an infant

Raising babies at home is challenging enough. But driving them to places presents another level of difficulty. Thus, infant car seats provide an additional layer of security.

However, safety technicians and pediatricians encourage parents to be extra cautious and ensure proper usage to avoid fatal threats.

Infant car seats must:

  • Rear-face in the back seat: They should not be in the front seat to avoid faulty airbag deployment.
  • Recline at the appropriate angle: Any excessive tilting, either forward or backward, can restrict breathing.
  • Be clear of toys or other loose objects: Hanging or unsecured items can be projectiles thrown out in the air.

Baby seats in moving vehicles are as susceptible to danger when they are outside the car. Parents must be careful not to recklessly leave their children in them while in public spaces, such as parking lots, grocery stores or shopping malls.

Further, even if parents try to become extra vigilant of their actions, manufacturers may still fail to deliver their commitment to consumers. Their products may already be defective upon purchase or lack necessary warning labels or instructions for correct installation, usage and maintenance. For example, recalled products in recent years revealed choking hazards and restraint inadequacies, which resulted in severe injuries.

Why infant car seats matter

Babies’ developing bodies make them more prone to injuries or death during collisions. But infant car seats reduce the likelihood of deadly outcomes. However, in some cases, flawed baby seat designs cause injuries. When this happens, parents can pursue a product liability claim against all liable parties to recover fair compensation. Their New Jersey legal counsel can guide them and represent their best interests throughout the process.