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The left lane is the passing lane on New Jersey highways

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New Jersey sees many tourists this time of year, and these tourists might not be familiar with all the state’s traffic laws. One traffic law tourists and residents alike should pay close attention to is understanding when it is permissible to travel in the left lane of traffic on a highway.

The left lane is the passing lane

Under New Jersey statutes, motorists are not permitted to drive in the left lane on highways unless they are passing another vehicle or driving in the right lane is impracticable. This law helps control the flow of traffic on busy New Jersey highways.

If there are three or more lanes on a highway, the leftmost lane is for passing. You are permitted to drive in the middle lane. However, slower drivers should stay in the right lane, so they do not impede the flow of traffic.

Driving in the correct lane can avoid a crash

Motorists can help avoid car crashes by driving in the correct lane. When traffic is backed up in the left lane due to a slow driver, that lane is more congested. Moreover, motorists might be forced to pass vehicles on the right side, a move that might not be anticipated by other drivers.

These two factors can lead to a car crash.

Also, when a driver uses the left lane for travel, rather than passing, it can cause road rage. This is especially true if the driver is not matching the speed of traffic. Other motorists become frustrated in such situations, leading them to take risks while driving or drive aggressively.

Aggressive driving can also lead to a car crash.

So, when travelling on New Jersey highways, remember to reserve the left lane for passing. If you must travel in the left lane, try to keep to the speed of traffic and move into the right lane once possible. Doing so can help keep New Jersey highways safe for all drivers.