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Slick roads increase wintertime crash risk

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Old Man Winter has not yet loosened his grip on New Jersey. We will likely see more ice and snow before spring arrives. This makes driving hazardous.

The following are some tips for safe driving on slick roads, and what to do if you are involved in a wintertime crash.

Safe driving on slick roads

New Jersey law requires you to brush off all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving. This is for safety reasons. Not only do you need to be able to see out of all your vehicle’s windows, but snow on top of your vehicle can slide off into the road, endangering people driving behind you.

You should also slow down when driving on ice or snow, even if this means driving below the posted speed limit. It is especially important to take it slow on exit ramps or when going around a curve in the road. This is because driving too fast on slick roads can cause you to spin out or be unable to stop before crashing into a vehicle in front of you.

Also, watch out for snowplows. It is tempting to try to overtake these vehicles, especially since they are generally moving slower than the speed of traffic. However, if you do so, other drivers might not see you, resulting in a collision.

If you are in a wintertime crash

If you are struck by another vehicle during a winter storm, it could be some time before police and emergency vehicles can reach you. Stay calm and stay with your vehicle. Pack blankets, food and water in your car before driving in winter weather should you wind up becoming stuck.

If you are injured in a wintertime crash, it can lead to an extended hospital stay and expensive rehabilitation. How will you cope with all these bills? This situation only becomes more dire if your injuries prevent you from working.

When this happens, some people choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. A successful legal claim can provide you with the compensation you need and deserve following a damaging collision.