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The seconds after a car accident can be important

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

CRUNCH! It finally happened. You are in a car accident. Now what? The seconds after a car accident can be important.

Step one

If you are able, move your car to a safe area. You do not want to be involved in a second, third, fourth or fifth collision. Now, breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Dial 9-1-1. Remember, stay calm.

The dispatcher will stay calm too and quickly gather all the information they need.

Location, location, location

This repeated phrase is important in real estate, and also in emergency response. Dispatchers need to know where you are and where to dispatch emergency services. Give them as much location information as possible, including your phone number.

If possible, give an actual address, and if you can only be on the phone for a short time, give the following information

Keep it simple and do not mitigate

Keep it simple with dispatch and beware giving too much information, as you were just in a traumatic event.

Do not try to mitigate the event that just happened as you do not want the dispatcher to think emergency services are not needed.

A police report should be taken after every car accident, but police do not want to come out to every accident.

In addition, an ambulance should check out everyone after every car crash, but an ambulance will not show up to everyone one. Be sure that you are not the reason this happens.

Mentally prepare now

Mentally prepare for this call now. Think about how you will interact with 9-1-1 and the police. This will ensure that you can focus on the safety of you and your passengers, not getting evidence for a personal injury lawsuit.