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New Jersey plans major changes for teen drivers to improve safety

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many dangers when taking to the New Jersey roadways. In addition to the increase in drivers who are distracted, drive at excessive speed, behave recklessly, drink and drive and commit other risky transgressions, teen drivers are a prominent concern. Their lack of experience and tendency to make mistakes puts them and others in danger. To address that, the state is planning substantive changes to the law. Still, even with the changes, accidents are likely to occur and those involved must be aware of their options.

What will the new laws for younger drivers entail?

As the law stands, new drivers are currently not required to have a specific number of hours in which they are supervised behind the wheel before they can receive their driver’s license. New Jersey is one of three states in the United States—with Mississippi and Arkansas—that does not mandate that new drivers have this type of supervision.

Under the prospective law, drivers under 21 would need to have a minimum of 50 hours under supervision prior to getting their license. From the time drivers get their learners permit, they would be required to have the 50 hours within the subsequent six months. The supervising person must be at least 21 and have had their license for three years.

This new law is being promoted by safety advocates due to the worrisome number of young drivers who are getting into crashes. The enhanced requirements would at least give them a head start in driving safely. Statistically in 2020, there were around 28,000 collisions in which a driver under 21 was involved. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the new law could lower that total by around 13%.

After an accident with a teen or anyone else, it is important to have help

Because young drivers are new to the road, it is understandable that they may make mistakes. Unfortunately, these can sometimes lead to auto accidents with people suffering catastrophic injuries and death. People who have been involved in this type of accident with a new driver will likely face a litany of challenges that they may need help in dealing with.

If the young driver was speeding, texting and driving or simply had a lapse in judgment, it could be crucial to a potential claim for compensation. Seeking professional advice can be helpful with determining how much was lost, what a fair settlement would be and whether it is wise to move forward with a claim. Calling those experienced in a wide variety of personal injury cases can be essential to reaching a satisfactory result.