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Who is responsible when the family dog attacks?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Dog Bites |

Dogs are considered family-friendly pets that are good around children and are generally well-behaved and obedient. People never think their dog could be dangerous, but even family pets can behave in aggressive ways, especially if they feel protective or scared. Sometimes, this leads to a serious and damaging dog bite.

Dog bite liability in New Jersey

If a dog bites you in New Jersey and you suffer injuries as a result, you may be able to hold the dog’s owner liable in court. This is because dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pet as long as the bite was unprovoked, and the dog bite victim was lawfully in the place where the bite occurred.

Prior viciousness is not a factor

It does not matter whether the dog behaved viciously in the past. There is no “one-bite” rule in New Jersey. In some states, the dog is given one free pass if it is the first time they behaved viciously.

New Jersey is not one of those states. Dog owners in New Jersey are responsible for dog bites even if their pet has not behaved viciously in the past and even if their dog was tied up, on a leash or there is a warning sign on their property. This is referred to as “strict liability.”

Dog bites are extremely damaging. They can cause crushed bones, lacerations, disfigurement and emotional trauma. If you are bitten by a dog, you will want to pursue the highest possible remedy to recover the damages that you suffered.