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What types of things does insurance normally not cover?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For drivers who were in a motor vehicle accident, their first fear after making sure everyone is okay is whether their car insurance will cover the accident. And, for the most part, car insurance will cover car accidents. However, it is important to understand when they will not because that can make a huge difference in how car accident victims recover.

Not allowed uses

A common reason that some car insurance companies use for not covering an accident is if the vehicle is used for nonapproved uses or uses outside of normal driving. This includes racing, stunt driving, accidents that occur at a racing or stunt event, etc. Another reason is commercial use, like using the vehicle for business purposes. This can be driving for work, rideshare or other gig-work or any other type of business and commercial use. These all require special insurance riders or a different type of Florham Park, New Jersey, insurance.

Other disallowed uses

For those looking to transition to van or car life as either a choice or out of necessity, when a vehicle is used as a dwelling, some insurance companies will deny damages that result. This also includes unauthorized vehicle modifications because insurance companies underwrite their policies with the understanding that the vehicle has standard equipment. Prior to moving into a vehicle or making modifications (like modifying a van into an RV), it is a good idea to call the insurance company to ensure you are not voiding that policy. It is better to switch providers now or get different coverage than to find out after an accident that the insurance will not cover, especially if the accident is with an uninsured driver.

Bad act damages

New Jersey insurance companies also void coverage for willful or intentional damage done by their own insured driver, like setting it on fire, damaging the car in a fit of rage, etc. This is especially true for newly licensed drivers. Damage that occurs during the commission of unlawful acts may also void one’s car insurance. This could be if one gets into a car accident while running from the police or conducting illegal activities.


For our Florham Park, New Jersey, readers, it may come as a surprise, but disasters are often not covered. This includes acts of God, like tornados, floods, hurricanes, etc. It also includes manmade disasters, like nuclear accidents, war, etc. Although sometimes car insurance companies will overcover, it has to be specially requested. Nonetheless, just because an insurance company denies the claim for one of these reasons does not mean it was actually allowed to do so, getting coverage may require an attorney.