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Understanding New Jersey premises liability law

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New Jersey property and business owners have a legal duty to make sure their property is safe and free from dangerous conditions to visitors and guests. If they violate this duty, they could be found negligent and required to pay compensation to an injured party through a premises liability claim.

A premises liability accident can happen almost anywhere

Premises liability accidents can happen in many different types of situations. You may sustain an injury while slipping and falling in a puddle at a grocery store, from being bitten by a dog on someone’s property or being hurt while on an amusement park ride. If you are assaulted in the parking lot of a business or while at a hotel on vacation, you could also have a premises liability claim.

Victims of negligence from a premises liability accident often suffer major repercussions. The medical bills can quickly add up, you may lose out on work time or lose a job altogether. Many victims experience some degree of pain, suffering and emotional distress. If negligence can be proven, compensation may be available for these or other losses

Contributory negligence

Proving negligence requires showing the property owner breached their legal duty to provide a safe, non-hazardous property and that this breach caused your injury. However, New Jersey follows a contributary negligence standard, meaning that if you were also negligent, and your negligence exceeds that of the property owner, you may not be able to recover damages.

It can be challenging to establish negligence if you’ve been injured in a premises liability accident. Document anything that happens and keep receipts and statements of all expenses due to the accident. The property owner may offer to cover expenses and ask if you will speak to their insurance company, but it may be helpful to speak with a personal injury attorney before taking any further steps.