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Hotel and resort slip and fall

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A vacation is supposed to provide individuals with an opportunity to relax, recharge and take a break from their busy lives and most people never consider that they could be hurt. However, if they slip and fall at a hotel or resort and suffer a serious injury, it can quickly cut the vacation short.

Slip and fall

A slip and fall occurs when a person slips, trips or falls on property owned by someone else and the property owner may be held responsible. These injuries can include cuts and bruises, broken bones, fractures and sprains. In some serious situations, a slip and fall can cause neck, back and spinal injuries.

For example, a person can slip and fall on snow and ice, uneven flooring, cracked pavement and sidewalks, wet flooring and stairs with missing or broken handrails. Poor lighting and falling objects can also cause a slip and fall.

To bring a successful claim, the injured person must demonstrate that the slip and fall was caused by a dangerous condition on the property, the owner of the property knew about it and failed to correct it and that he or she suffered an injury.

Hotel and resort responsibilities

Slips and falls often occur because the property is not properly maintained. Hotels and resorts have a responsibility to their customers to keep the premises reasonably safe and free from hazards.

If a person had a slip and fall at a hotel or resort, an experienced attorney can file a claim for compensation on his or her behalf.