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Workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey

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Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to provide financial support to employees who are injured. The injury must occur during the course of the employment to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Benefits may be permanent or temporary, depending on the injury and the limits it places on the employee’s ability to perform their work. In addition, a work-related injury could happen at the place of employment or at a work sponsored event, like an office party for example.

Physical injuries

One of the most common work-related injuries is a repetitive motion injury, especially by employees who perform manual labor or who work in an office environment. For workers who type frequently for their job, it may occur in their wrists and forearms. For workers who perform manual labor, repetitive lifting can cause the worker to suffer from back pain and strain.

Employees who suffer from slips-and-falls in the workplace may also be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Mental injuries and pre-existing conditions

Mental injuries may be covered by workers’ compensation, such as anxiety or depression, if they were caused by the job. Pre-existing conditions that worsened during the course of employment may also be covered.

Job-related stress may also contribute to serious health conditions and may be considered for workers’ compensation benefits.

It’s important for employees to notify the employer of the injury. If an employee submits a claim for workers’ compensation, he or she will be evaluated by a physician to determine if the injury is work-related. There is guidance available to employees to navigate the workers’ compensation process.