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3 tips for driving safely in traffic

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Part of your daily routine may involve driving to and from work. And depending on the location of your workplace, you may spend some of this time in traffic.

According to NPR, approximately 14 million people in the U.S. spend an hour or more driving every day getting to and from work. This can make you more vulnerable to involvement in a car accident, so it is important to know how to drive safely in traffic.

1. Stay focused on driving

During your commute, you may want to zone out and get through the drive by listening to the radio or a podcast. You may also feel tempted to use your cellphone. Instead of trying to multi-task, keep your complete focus on driving to prevent involvement in a car accident.

2. Plan ahead

Before you get in your car, adjust your mirrors, seat and climate control settings. You should also make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to get to your destination, so you do not feel stressed during periods of heavy traffic.

3. Practice defensive driving

Watch what other drivers do at all times while driving in traffic. Always keep ample space between you and the other car in front of you and leave extra space during periods of inclement weather.

Driving in traffic can be a frustrating experience, and other drivers may be more likely to drive aggressively. If you get rear-ended or in another type of serious accident while driving in traffic, carefully document your injuries to protect your interests in the coming days.