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Seniors face 3 slip-and-fall hazards at big-box hardware stores

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Big-box hardware stores have made it easier for older homeowners to tackle improvement and maintenance projects. Still, because many of these stores are working warehouses, you may encounter large machinery, power saws and other potential injury risks every time you shop.

Like with other retail stores, employees at the hardware store have a legal duty to provide a safe place for your to shop. Regrettably, if you are over 65, three common hazards may cause you to suffer a catastrophic injury in a slip-and-fall accident at a big-box hardware store.

1. Spilled liquids

In addition to selling lumber, plants and tools, large hardware stores typically offer paint, lubricants, cleaning detergents and other liquids to customers. If any of these liquids end up on a polished concrete or tile floor, you may slip. Consequently, employees must do the following to keep you safe:

  • Regularly inspect the store for spills
  • Immediately clean up spilled items
  • Use a chemical product to absorb residue
  • Place temporary warning signs around spilled liquids

2. Fallen hardware

The aisle that contains nuts and bolts may be particularly dangerous. After all, many big-box stores have small bins that hold loose pieces of hardware. If a tiny screw, nut, bolt or any other object falls beneath your feet, you may lose your footing.

3. Slippery entryways

During inclement weather, the store’s entryway may pose a danger to older customers. That is, when individuals enter the store from outside, they may track in moisture. If employees at the store do not mop up puddles or place rugs to absorb moisture, you may be in danger of suffering a potentially life-changing injury.

Ultimately, while you should exercise caution when shopping in a major hardware store, you may also be eligible for substantial financial compensation for the injuries you sustain during a preventable slip-and-fall accident.