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Pedestrian safety and accident statistics

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When you walk near traffic, you need to remain alert and understand the risks that you face. Whether a driver loses control of his or her vehicle due to road conditions or they drive too fast, use their phone behind the wheel or drive while intoxicated, pedestrian accidents take place for a host of reasons.

In addition, it is helpful to go over statistics on pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians and drivers need to realize how many of these accidents take place each year and the number of victims who die or suffer serious injuries.

Reducing the likelihood of a pedestrian accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlines various strategies that people can take to prevent pedestrian accidents. For example, the NHTSA notes that drivers should always look out for pedestrians and stay vigilant during low visibility or when road conditions are poor.

Drivers and pedestrians need to watch out when approaching crosswalks. Many pedestrian accidents take place at crosswalks, especially when drivers fail to yield or attempt to pass another vehicle and fail to notice pedestrian traffic. Drivers should always follow traffic safety guidelines and look for pedestrians before backing up.

Recognizing the prevalence of fatal pedestrian accidents

According to the NHTSA, more than 6,200 pedestrians lost their lives during 2019. To look at this figure in another way, a pedestrian lost his or her life in a traffic accident every 85 minutes in 2019. Sadly, even more pedestrians sustained injuries, which have the potential to disrupt various aspects of your life. If a reckless driver caused you to suffer an injury in a pedestrian accident, make sure you examine your legal options.