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How do traumatic brain injuries affect personality?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Firm News |

After getting into an accident, you may suffer from head or brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in particular often greatly impact multiple areas of your life. The field discusses some more than others. 

For example, you likely know that TBIs can cause memory loss or damage. But did you know that they can even alter your personality? 

Tempers rage after TBIs

Mayo Clinic examines the impact traumatic brain injuries have on all aspects of the victim. The impact TBIs have on personality is just one of many potential problems that may arise. It is not a rare phenomenon, either. Many victims find themselves dealing with some form of alteration in their overall personality. 

Of the most common changes, the top two involve impulsivity and temper. TBI sufferers often experience an increase in agitation, irritability and temper. You may find yourself lashing out at loved ones more often. You could feel snappish. Things that you once brushed off with ease might now get under your skin. 

Suffering from impulsivity

Impulsivity may prevent you from reigning in your temper. You may also feel more inclined to make spur of the moment decisions. This could lead to reckless choices and hefty consequences. You may also lose your “brain to mouth filter”. In other words, instead of holding things back, you could say them even if it is detrimental to you or the other party. 

This happens due to the location of your brain injury. If the frontal lobe suffers from a TBI, it might interfere with your ability to control your impulses. These changes are not always permanent, but can still pose difficulties to you and your loved ones.