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You may already know that the workers’ compensation system helps you get back on your feet after you receive a work injury. These laws have been around for a long time, providing a low-conflict way for workers to get the resources they need.

What you may not know is that this system places certain limitations on the amount you can recover. However, some situations could indicate that you have options outside of workers’ comp.

1. You were driving

You do not necessarily have to be at work to be working. If you were out on the roads performing normal — or even special — duties for your employer, workers’ compensation could apply to your injuries.

If there were distracted drivers, poor road maintenance or a defect in your vehicle, you could also have the bases for a personal injury suit. These and several other factors could indicate negligence — an important element of a civil case.

2. You were on someone’s property

You might have a premises liability case if you were on someone else’s property. Examples might include performing home inspections, making deliveries, shopping at a grocery store for your office and so on.

3. You were operating machinery

What happens if you are a forklift-certified warehouse worker and your equipment malfunctions during operation? Your employer does have a responsibility to maintain a safe work environment, but that does not extend to defects in machinery. The designers, manufacturers or sellers may owe you for your pain and suffering.

Workers’ compensation is important. It gives employees more of a chance to pay for medical bills, recoup lost wages and so on. However, you might deserve more.