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Dealing with a public menace

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Despite ample laws protecting the people, negligent business owners, landowners and governments cause serious injuries almost constantly. They maintain their properties poorly, fail to address problems and, eventually, contribute to catastrophic, life-changing accidents. 

A remedy for this is premises liability law. Here are some of the people and entities our law office holds to account for negligent or reckless actions. 


Some of our cases involve claims against the government. However, governments tend to have limited liability. Furthermore, you often need to start these claims more quickly, although it depends on the jurisdiction. 


There are many large, national retailers and other, similar businesses that operate chains of facilities. These companies are typically liable for injuries in stores. However, they have experienced insurance companies and legal teams working to promote their best interests — interests that amount to minimizing your claim, in most cases. 

Individual owners

Unfortunately, individual owners and small companies have the potential to be just as negligent as large corporations. If you worry about bringing about financial ruin for a negligent party, you may want to know that many people carry insurance for this purpose. 

Almost anyone who owns property or owns a business responsible for property should take reasonable action to ensure safety. Even your landlord might have a responsibility to keep common areas safe and respond quickly to situations that could cause injury to you. 

You may know these as slip-and-fall cases, but slips and falls are not the only types of accidents you might suffer. Nearly any type of injury that someone else caused or made worse by their negligence could potentially serve as the grounds for action.