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Why are ladders such a risk in construction?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

New Jersey construction workers like you face elevated risks on many levels. You often work with heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. But some of the biggest risks you face are both commonplace and easy to prevent. 

For example, falls are one of the biggest dangers you face as a construction worker. And unfortunately, almost every fall is an avoidable one. 

Fall injuries and deaths in construction

The National Safety Council lists information regarding falls in the construction industry. Over half of the total number of fall injuries and fatalities come from construction. 24,700 people got injured and 384 died in 2016 alone. Many of these falls even took place on the same level, rather than involving a worker tumbling from a greater height. 

Why are fall risks so potent? Why do they happen so often? Many of these incidents happen due to negligence or worse on the employer’s part. Some people want to cut corners, so they do not replace equipment as it ages and fails. You may notice that your employers do not provide proper safety equipment, either. 

Where the employer’s fault lies

Also, they may not offer updated safety courses or require employees to brush up on safety procedures. They do this to save on costs. On top of that, you might experience pressure from the top to finish jobs in record time. This sense of pressure can lead to you or your fellow workers rushing to get things done. It encourages you to skimp on safety without being direct about it. 

Due to small, avoidable issues, workers like you can end up with a lifetime of health problems. This is why people who have suffered from falls like you tend to seek compensation.