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Why is fatigue so risky for drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

New Jersey drivers understand the dangers of drunk and distracted driving. Another growing concern on the road is drowsy driving. But do residents understand these risks as well as they do the others? 

Today we will look at that question. We will examine why drowsy driving and fatigue in drivers is so dangerous. 

Dangers of fatigued driving 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention look at fatigue’s impact on drivers. Fatigue results in drowsy driving. This is a form of distracted driving. This puts it in the same category as texting while driving. As many know, texting while driving is a rising risk that rivals even DUI driving. But where is the danger in fatigue? After all, everyone gets tired. Many drivers even admit to driving drowsy. 

But exhaustion actually puts you at a huge cognitive disadvantage. In fact, some studies show that drowsiness impairs you as much as drinking. Drowsy drivers often: 

  • Have trouble concentrating 
  • Cannot perceive danger 
  • Do not react in a fast and efficient way 
  • Are easy to distract 

Drowsy driving versus DUI 

Many of the side effects you see in drunk drivers show up in drowsy drivers, too. The same goes for people who text while driving. In all cases, attention spans are low, reaction times are low and concentration is low. It is a deadly combination. 

There is also the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Of course, if you are unconscious, you cannot react to anything at all. This is the most dangerous time for a drowsy driver and the cars around them. This is important for all drivers to keep in mind. Driving drowsy is not safe and the consequences have the potential to be very severe.