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Are shopping carts dangerous?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2020 | Firm News |

Going shopping is probably a task you do not mind doing and may even look forward to. You probably never think that it could be dangerous. However, many people each year suffer injuries when in retail environments. One of the biggest risks, especially for children, are shopping carts. 

Kids in Danger explains that the most common shopping cart injury that children suffer is falling from the cart. Other injuries occur when carts tip over or due to a broken or ineffective safety belt. Because store flooring is typically hard, a fall from a cart can cause a serious injury. 

You can help protect your child from many of these injuries just by using the shopping cart properly and following all safety instructions. Shopping carts should have instruction posted on them. They typically will tell you that children should not ride on the cart and only in the seat area with the safety belt secured. 

You should never let your child stand in a cart or climb on it. Always stay by the cart when your child is in it. When choosing a cart, make sure you choose one that is in good condition with a working safety belt. Also, never place a child seat on top of the cart. If you cannot carry it, put it in the back of the cart. Putting it on top of the seat area adds to the instability of the cart and can lead to it tipping over. 

About 23,000 children suffer injuries each year from shopping carts. Safe shopping cart use is not something you should ignore. If a cart is broken, lacks instructions or otherwise is unsafe, alert a store manager.