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Occupations with high risk for sleep deprivation

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Countless American workers are sleep deprived. That can be a cause for concern for both employees and businesses. When workers lack the 7 to 8 hours a night they need, it can decrease their concentration and performance. It can also hurt employers as they can lose money due to low productivity and increased errors.

However, there are occupations where workers are more sleep-deprived than others. According to Market Watch, approximately 50% of service workers – including police officers, firefighters, correctional officers and military officials reported low levels of sleep duration in 2018.

The most sleep-deprived occupations in America

Service workers are just a percentage of laborers who lack the rest they need. These are some others that can be at high risk:

  • Medical professionals: As they often hold similar jobs to service workers, medical professionals can include doctors, paramedics, nurses and surgeons. They often have to work at odd hours and usually have a sporadic schedule where stressful situations can arise. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation in this field can hurt more than its workers. As lack of sleep can impact one’s decision-making skills and memory, this can put patients in danger.
  • Home health aides: There are factors beyond their job that can leave home health aides sleep deprived. As they can be some of the lowest-paid workers in the United States, their worries about how they’re going to pay their bills may keep them up at night. Much like medical care professionals, their lack of sleep could also hurt those they serve, as home health aides often take care of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.
  • Social workers: Working with those who have severe mental health conditions can create extra stress. Social workers often have to deal with an unpredictable schedule, as they may be required to answer emergency calls from clients at all hours of the day. The sleep deprivation and stressful situations these workers endure can increase their risk for depression.

Lack of sleep can be dangerous for anyone

No matter the occupation, if workers aren’t getting the rest they need, their lack of sleep could cause serious harm to themselves or others. If workers are severely injured on the job due to sleep deprivation, they may be able to receive workers’ compensation. If that’s the case, an experienced attorney can help them get the benefits they need to recover.