How to Take Notes After an Accident or Injury



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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip & fall accident, or in any other type of accident caused by someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, one of the most valuable steps you can take is to grab a pen or pencil and take notes in the days and weeks following your accident. These notes can help you later when you put together your demand for compensation. They can also help you to remember what happened and locate the evidence you need to strengthen your case.

Beginning the Process of Taking Notes After a Serious Accident

Here’s how to start and continue the note-taking process following a serious car crash, motorcycle accident, or other type of accident:

1. Create a single place for your notes.
Whether you decide to write by hand or type, use a single place for your notes: perhaps a notebook or a computer file. Back up any computer files created from your notes and store the backup separately from your computer. This way, you won’t lose any of your notes: they’ll all be in the same place.

2. Start by writing down everything you remember.
Put the date at the top of the first page of your notes. Then, write down the date, time, and place of the accident, followed by everything you remember. Write about what happened, the weather, the lighting, and what you saw, heard, and felt. If you remember who was present, mention them as well.

If you’re writing several days or even weeks after your accident, you can go on to add what you remember between the accident date and today. For instance, if you remember calling your insurance company the day after the accident, make a note of what you recall from that conversation.

3. Keep notes whenever you do something related to your accident or injury.
Starting with the notes you’ve created so far, add a note every time you do something related to the accident or your injury. For instance, make notes of each doctor’s appointment for your injury, or when you speak to the insurance company, or when you drop off or pick up your vehicle to have it repaired after a car accident.

4. Store your paperwork in a single place, too.
If you’re writing notes by hand, storing any accident-related paperwork with your notebook can help you keep everything in one place. If you’re typing, create a file for paperwork and keep it near your computer. Place all paperwork related to your accident in this location, such as medical bills, receipts for damaged property or other items related to your accident or injury, insurance paperwork, and similar details.

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