Fatal Crash Follows Bus Driver’s Illegal U-Turn



NJ Fatal Highway Car Accident LawyerOne fifth-grade student and one fifth-grade teacher lost their lives, while 43 others were left injured in a fatal collision between a school bus and a dump truck. The fatal crash took place on Interstate 80 in Mount Olive, New Jersey at 10:21 in the morning.

The school bus was en route to a school field trip but missed an exit for its intended destination. The school bus driver made the decision to try and make an illegal U-turn in the median, which is reserved for authorized personnel only.

The dump truck collided with the school bus, ripping it in two pieces and leaving it lying on its side in the median. Emergency responders from multiple jurisdictions rushed to the scene and K-9 units were dispatched to search the wreckage and surrounding woods for passengers that might have been ejected.

The 43 injured, including the bus and dump truck driver, were transported to multiple area hospitals for medical treatment. One child was in a medically induced coma following the incident.

The crash is still under investigation and it is unclear if the school bus driver will face any charges. The incident has moved the school district to cancel all field trips for the remainder of the year.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Are A Common Cause of Personal Injury

As proven by this recent tragedy, collisions on the roads can be fatal and horrific. The injuries that stem from an incident of this nature can be severe and life-altering. Many of the injured ended up in critical condition and required surgery following the accident.
These personal injuries will take their toll physically, emotionally, and financially. It will be a difficult road ahead for those injured. It will also be a difficult time for the families of the ones who were killed in the crash.

The fact that the bus driver acted recklessly in their attempt to make an illegal U-turn means the two deaths are categorized as wrongful deaths. The only silver lining to this is the fact that a wrongful death suit can be pursued.

Both a personal injury lawsuit and wrongful death suit can help victims handle the financial and emotional burden that comes with the incident. All it takes is an experienced attorney to make sure you have the strongest case possible.

NJ Personal Injury Lawyers Handle All Types of Cases

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